About Me


I’m a Wahid, (Abu Zafar Wahid). Salesforce Specialist at NYC Business Integrity Commission.

I have been working in web related technologies since 2008. My core specialty is to build scalable e-commerce solutions using Magento (PHP/ MYSQL). I have huge experience in magento, symphony, codeigneter, wordpress etc. Along with these I have keen interests in learning new tools and technologies, scalable website, product development and semantic web.


OOP(object oriented programming), PHP, Symfony, cakePHP, codeigneter and other Frameworks, Magento (Module/Extensions, Store management), Joomla, wordpress, C/C++, Web 2.0, prototype, JQuery, AJAX, HTML/DHTML/XHTML, CSS, XML, UML, Cross Browser Compatibility, JSON, Linux Environment . Website Engineering, MySql, MS SQL Server 2000.

Technology is like chameleon; it changes in a blink of an eye. As being in the technical field, I abide by the notion that, I can flow smoothly with the changes in technology and serve as demand requires. I will describe myself as briefly as possible as follows.

I am as a person:

Even though being so rigid with technical jargon, I am quite free minded person. I do have hobbies as any normal human being. I love to walk, listen to music, sketch, and think.

Please feel free to contact me at dev.palerain@gmail.com.

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